Gov. DeSantis signs bills to provide financial options for Floridians

Writer: Nicholas Karsen
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Credit: WINK

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that will provide financial options to Floridians and another bill that curates the state public school curriculum.

DeSantis began the conference by discussing his ban on selling lab-grown meats in Florida, citing that specific political agendas target the agriculture market.

He began to speak on the passing of House Bill 989, which enhances protections for Florida consumers, protecting them from a social credit system or discrimination based on beliefs.

“There will now be a more robust process for people who have experienced these specific situations,” said DeSantis. “If you own a business and are following the rules, and the banks cut you off based on your beliefs, then you have recourse.”

He then spoke on how Florida had a provision of law that only banks were allowed to hold public deposits and that credit unions were not allowed to.

He cited that removing the artificial barrier would grant Floridians banking options and allow them to shop for the best financial rates.

House Bill 1291 states that under Florida law, the state of education will allow and approve preparation for teacher training and prepping.

This will create a curriculum curated by the state, preventing teachers from creating a personalized curriculum for their classrooms.

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