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South Western Lobster Salad
2 each-6 oz. Florida Lobster Tails ( cooked and diced)
1 each- Fresh Lime
1 each- Florida Orange
1 each-Jalapeno Pepper ( seeded and diced”fine”)
1 each- vine ripe tomato (diced )
1 each-English Cucumber ( diced )
1 bunch- cilantro (chopper course)
1 each-red onion ( small,diced “fine”)
2 each -sweet,oven roasted, yellow corn ( removed from cob)
1 each -avocado ( sliced thin)
1 head- Bib lettuce, ( cleaned)
1 each -red, and yellow sweet bell pepper. ( dice “fine”)

Combine lobster,jalapeno,tomato,onion,cucumber, corn and cilantro in a small bowl
squeeze in lime, orange and add dash of cumin. Cover and let chill for hour.
Place a couple of leaves of bib lettuce on plate and arrange sliced avocado, spoon lobster mixture
onto leaves and garnish with diced bell pepper mix.

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