3 teens accused of smashing car windows throughout Cape Coral

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CAPE CORAL, Fla.- A two-day crime spree left thousands of dollars in damage in a northwest Cape Coral neighborhood.

Three teenagers are accused of smashing car windows in at least 10 different locations, all in the area of Nelson Road and Santa Barbara Boulevard.

Police arrested three boys, all between the ages of 14 and 16, Thursday night in northeast Cape Coral while they were trying to break into a car there.

Jacob Pittman’s Honda Civic received around $350 worth of damage after someone tossed a rock through the driver side window sometime before he woke up on April 1.

“My door was still locked so it was just, someone just threw a rock through the window just for the fun of breaking a window,” said Pittman.

His car wasn’t the only one hit. Over the past two days, at least ten cars within a 2 mile radius had their windows smashed with rocks or chunks of asphalt.

Eddie Canada’s daughter woke up Wednesday to find two windows destroyed on her car. The rocks still sit on the floor behind the driver’s seat.

“It’s stupid because there’s better things to do than go around breaking, vandalizing people’s cars, and just hurting peoples lives,” said Canada.

In every case, the cars were parked outside either in the driveway or nearby empty lot, but nothing was stolen.

“It’s a shame. Like I said, when I was younger, I did stupid stuff too but we didn’t take it to permanently damaging stuff,” said Pittman.

WINK News is not identifying the teens because of their age.

The victims tell WINK News they do want to press charges. Right now, the motive behind the vandalism is unclear.

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