High-tech, interactive, beer pong table

Author: CNN

TORONTO, Ontario – A man from Canada built a high-tech, interactive beer pong table and the orders are already pouring in.

The table has LED lights and a ball washer. The inventor, Jeff Nybo explains, “you just take it (the ball) and drop it into the bottom into the hole. And once it goes in we’ll start up and it comes out on this side here, and air dries the ball and it’s clean and you can throw it again.”

The table also comes with a touch sensitive tabletop that keeps score for you. Nybo began building it in 2013 when his design won an online contest. He says, “it’s overkill for a beer pong table for sure but I had to do it I guess.”

He’s taken his plan to the website “Kickstarter” to build even more. Nybo sells do-it-yourself kits right now that retail for up to $400. A fully put-together table sells for $1,800.


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