Protestors gather outside Fort Myers Planned Parenthood


FORT MYERS, Fla. – Hundreds lined the sidewalks of the Fort Myers Planned Parenthood Saturday protesting the facility.

The protest comes after weeks of controversy about the facilities performing unlicensed abortions. The abortions came to light after videos were released showing employees talking about the sales of aborted fetal organs.

Saturday, protestors had one message for Planned Parenthood.

“They do it right here and they’ve been doing it here for four years, week in and week out and we want it to stop,” said protestor Dan Dougherty. “A lot of people in the community here don’t even know we have Planned Parenthood here operating on one of the main intersections in Fort Myers.”

Earlier this week, an attorney for Planned Parenthood defended the 14 week abortions the facilities were performing.

“We’ve been doing what we’ve been doing for the last nine years and it hasn’t been an issue, and now suddenly they’re calling these procedures that have been considered first trimester procedures now they’re calling them second, when nothing has changed,” said attorney Julie Gallagher.

Governor Rick Scott has ordered an investigation into the three facilities who performed the 14 week abortions, which include Fort Myers and Naples.

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