Popular color runs coming under fire

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NAPLES, Fla.- WINK News is uncovering exactly what’s inside the powder at
popular color runs. Color runs are races where runners are doused in brightly colored powder.

Blues, yellows, pinks and reds are used to heat up the excitement during a race. As WINK News first showed you, the powder itself could heat up and explode.

“The problem is people just don’t understand the dangers in this powder,” said Naples Fire Chief Stephen McInerny.

The powder is so dangerous, 171 people are still in critical condition in Taiwan because of a similar powder explosion at a water park.

“It’s unregulated. It’s undocumented. It’s coming in from overseas and the question in my mind has always been, what’s in it?” asked McInerny.

He says new testing shows it contains heavy metals, cancer causing agents, even rat poison.

“It will cut and slice and dice the inside of your lungs,” said McInerny.

The shocking findings have the Collier County School District making major changes. A run at Laurel Oak Elementary School in North Naples this Saturday will no longer have the color.

Something parents and runners tell us is a good move.

“It’s concerning,” said parent Cindy Trejo. “It’s dangerous to know there are things out there like that.”

“Until they find out the consequences of the chemicals that are in it, it seems only logical that they should take a closer look before anyone is exposed to it,” said resident Bill Charbonneau.

Chief McInerny tells WINK News he’s contacted other fire chiefs to try to put an end to color runs across the area.

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