Captains survey Cape Coral canal damage


CAPE CORAL, Fla. – Boat captains surveyed the condition of canals for the first time Thursday after a tornado hit Cape Coral Jan. 9.

Sea Tow worked the canals to ensure the waterways were clear for boaters. Their work is important because impeding items in the canals can be a safety hazard. One example of safety concerns are hidden lanai screens, which can cause damage if wrapped up in a boat’s propellers.

Boat captains with Sea Tow did not find any lanai screens, but they predicted other items could be lurking in the waters.

“Could be anything: broken up dock pilings, lots of screens – those are usually the first things to go in high winds. Trees that are fallen down,” Tom Carter of Sea Tow said.

Clearing the canals was not a huge priority after the tornado hit, but for some communities it is very important.

“There’s a lot of boat traffic in these canals,” Carter said. “Any time we can prevent boaters from having incidents with their boats after the fact, that’s the biggest reason we’re out here.”

If you have debris in your canal, Sea Tow recommends you pull it off to the side until someone can remove it with professional equipment.

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