Florida troopers ticketing slow drivers in fast lane on I-75

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NAPLES, Fla.- Florida Highway Patrol troopers are cracking down on drivers traveling
too slowly in the left lane on Interstate 75.

“Driving on the interstate, a lot of people are just ignorant,” said driver, Joseph Portner. They won’t move over.”

Troopers say many of the slow drivers are multitasking on their phone, something Maria Strawder says she sees it all the time.

“If they’re looking down, they’re not looking at the road, so they’re looking
at their cellphone,” said Strawder.

Traveling too slowly in the left hand lane is against the law in Florida. Troopers say
it forces other drivers to pass on the right, messing up the natural flow of traffic and causing road rage.

“I try not to flash my lights at people,” said driver John Ballard.

Troopers are now ticketing anyone driving 10 mph or more below the speed limit in the passing lane.

“A ticket is a little excessive,” said Portner. “I think a warning would probably be the
better way to go.”

But other drivers are applauding the move, “I say give them all a ticket,” said Strawder.

“Sooner or later, I want you to get the hell out of the way,” said Ballard. “I’ve got
places to go.”

The tickets can cost drivers about $150 depending on which county they’re stopped in.

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