PolitiFact: Is Donald Trump ‘neutral’ on Israel?


FORT MYERS, Fla.- As the dust settles following Super Tuesday, the Republican presidential candidates are looking ahead to Florida’s primary on March 15. Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) hopes a win his home state will kick off a comeback for his presidential campaign.

A pro-Rubio PAC is airing a TV ad in the Sunshine State taking aim at front-runner Donald Trump. The Conservative PAC Solutions ad focuses on Trump’s foreign policy positions, saying in part Trump “…would be neutral between Israel and its enemies.”

Our team of independent researchers at PolitiFact rate the statement HALF TRUE.

During a town hall in South Carolina, Trump did make a statement about being “neutral” in negotiations between Israel and Palestinians, but the ad omits omits that Trump has had ties to Israel for years — he has called himself “pro-Israel” and endorsed Prime Minister Benjamin. That is a good indication Trump isn’t neutral.

“When we look at the person himself, Donald Trump in the past has made pro-Israeli statements and actually did endorse Benjamin Netanyahu in 2013, so it’s not quite the picture the PAC is trying to paint,” explains PolitiFact reporter Joshua Gillin.

Trump said it wouldn’t help to pick a side when negotiating a peace deal, saying “It doesn’t help if I start saying, ‘I am very pro-Israel, very pro, more than anybody on this stage,’ ” while also noting “With that being said, I am totally pro-Israel.”

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