How to care for your HVAC system as cooler weather arrives

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In the chillier winter months, switching from cooling your home to heating it takes 10 times the amount of electricity.

“A lot of times when people first turn their heat on, they’re afraid their house is burning and it’s not,” said Mark Pruskauer, the president of Coolair Conditioning, Inc.

He says he gets dozens of calls every time cooler weather arrives in Southwest Florida.

“A lot of times we’ll get a phone call with someone who has a unique smell coming out of their vent and it’s usually burning. Typically that’s because the heater has been put on for the first time in months,” Pruskauer said.

Pruskauer also says that people in this area only run their heat for five days or so every winter, which means it usually won’t impact your monthly bill.

But the HVAC systems are heavily used.

Pruskauer’s company suggests regular maintenance and cleaning of your A/C system to prevent problems down the road.

“Down here in Florida,” Pruskauer said. “You remove humidity from the air through your air conditioner. Your filter needs to be kept clean and clear, and if it’s a throwaway, change it every month. If it’s not and it’s one you can clean, try to clean it every month.”

Coolair also recommends maintenance on your system twice a year to account for the 12 months of the year we run A/C in Florida.

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