Dog shot, killed in Cape Coral after LCSO deputy sustains bite

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via Ashley McCarthy

“That was the best dog I think I’ve ever had in (my) life. And I’ve had a lot of dogs,” said dog owner Ashley McCarthy.

McCarthy says her dog Marley was as lovable as they come.

“She was my best friend. Anytime there was a problem, she knew…she just comes and sits by you and puts her head on you and she does this thing where she smooshes her head on you, she was so cute,” McCarthy said.

So she doesn’t understand why a Lee County deputy shot Marley in the head at the end of her driveway.

“I don’t think that dogs deserve to die because you come on my property, thank you for coming to help me and to see if I was okay but now you killed my pet,” she said.

McCarthy says someone called the sheriff’s office when they saw her front door open, which she says has been a problem since the hurricanes.

When an officer arrived, her two dogs came outside.

“They said that the dogs were inside until they slammed the door and started walking up here. They got about halfway up the driveway,” McCarthy said.

The sheriff’s office released the following statement:

“Upon approach, two aggressive pit bull canines exited the residence toward deputies. One of our deputies attempted to shield himself with a vehicle in order to avoid contact with the canine. The canine then bit the deputy. The deputy then discharged his firearm, fatally wounding the canine.”

McCarthy says she hopes that deputies change how they approach situations involving dogs.

“I want them to have to do it a different way. There has to be a better way that’s not violent,” she said.


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