Mom praised for making ‘entitled’ son shop at Goodwill as punishment

Photo via Cierra Brittany Forney’s Facebook page.

A Georgia mother who was tired of her son’s “entitled” attitude has become a Facebook sensation after posting her unique punishment online.

In a picture uploaded on March 25, Cierra Brittany Forney of Hog Mountain documented her son’s shopping trip to a local Goodwill store. The mother says she took the 13-year-old to the shop and made him spend $20 of his own money on clothes to wear to school for a week.

“My 13 year old son had been acting a little… entitled. Acting like he’s too good to shop at Wal-Mart or making snarky comments about kids at school who shop at the goodwill,” Forney said in the post. “I don’t tolerate that.”

The Georgia mom said that the shopping trip was meant to make her son “a better man.” She added that he shed a few tears during the trip but believes he’ll be able to look back on the experience years from now and laugh.

“I want to teach my kids that money isn’t everything and if you have to degrade other people because of where they shop, then you too will shop there,” Forney posted. The mother’s post has been showered with praise from all over social media.

The post has already been liked over 500,000 times and shared over 200,000 times on Facebook. “Kids today have no idea what others are going through so they need to be taught not only respect for others but also the value of a dollar!! High five mom!!” Linette Blackman said, in one of the 122,000 comments left on Forney’s page.


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