Man covered in blood forces his way into home with only two children inside

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Eleven-year-old Mia Belmonte is still shaken up after she says a man covered in blood pushed his way inside her Port Charlotte home, with her eight year-old brother inside.

Mia described the incident, “Someone was banging on the back door over here and he was like saying someone is anybody here. Help me, help me someone is chasing me.”

She said she unlocked the door and opened it slowly. That’s when she says Timothy Bryant ran inside, “I did not have control of the door so i ran back to my little brother that was just standing here.”

A neighbors surveillance camera caught Bryant, wearing a blooding t-shirt, walking around his property.

At one point, he jumps over his fence into another yard wondering around the neighborhood.

This is all after he had pushed his way into a home with two kids inside.

Neither of the kids were hurt.

“Milo just ran to the bathroom and then he was behind us. he comes in behind us and then he shuts the door and locks it.” Mia said.

Mia says she escaped the bathroom when she told Bryant she was looking for help, but what happened next left her scared for her brother’s life, “All of a sudden I hear the bathroom door slam and then I hear glass breaking and Milo screaming and crying … I just run back to the bathroom. I open the door I see him climbing through the window there’s blood everywhere.”

That’s when they made their escape to a neighbors home and called 911.

The neighbor said they could see the blood going from the bathroom window, across their driveway and across the street.

The kids grandmother, Maria Belmonte, had just left to go pick up dinner when she got a frightening phone call from her neighbor letting her know the kids were safe but police were on their way.

“I was petrified,” Maria said, “but I knew they were okay, but I didn’t know. I just didn’t know. A lot of things were going through my mind… I didn’t know.”

Bryant admitted to Charlotte County deputies he locked himself and the two kids inside a bathroom and even covered the young boys mouth to muffle his screams.

Bryant was airlifted to the hospital from from a gas station were he was found unconscious.

After he was arrested he admitted to investigators he was trying to get into different homes because three men were after him.

The Belmonte family tells WINK this scary ordeal has forever changed their lives.

One lesson was learned by 11-year-old Mia, “I learned the lesson that if anyone is banging on the door I call 911 first.”

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