Collier man attempts to use app to avoid paying business taxes

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A Collier County man allegedly used a Canadian based e-commerce app to avoid paying taxes for his catering business.

According to an arrest affidavit, Christopher DeLuca, 46, used Shopify to provide a catering service to customers in Collier County.

Christopher DeLuca, 46

The app is like an online marketplace for customers to pay businesses and business owners.

As it turns out, investigators say he also used it to try to get out of paying about $16,000 in sales tax.

Jeff Bohr is a tech expert in Collier County and he says, “If you’re doing it online to accept payment for an illegal activity its gonna come back to bite you at some point.”

He says Shopify, like other legal tender apps, document everything.

Bohr highlighted the transparency the app has, saying, “If you’re gonna try to hide money or not pay taxes on something the way to do it wouldn’t be an app like Shopify, simply because every transaction is recorded and can be obtained by whoever wants to view it.”

Investigators say on six separate occasions DeLuca commited sales tax fraud.

He was collecting it from his customers, but he didn’t turn it over to the state.

And the Florida Department of Revenue didn’t have a hard time figuring it out once they subpoenaed Shopify for the records.

Remember, most things on the internet are not private, including financial transactions, all the way to your posts on Facebook. Everything now has a life of forever.

DeLuca is out on $5,000 bond.

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