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Dog owner jumps in toxic water to save pet

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dog jumps in water. Photo via Eduardo Roman

What started out as a normal day for some friends ended with them swimming in an algae infested canal to save a dog that jumped in.

Eduardo Roman, lives on a body of water that is infested with toxic algae. One day he had a friend come over and they had dogs as well.

Before they knew what happened, one of the dogs jumped into the water. Roman was forced to jump into the water and rescue the dog.

“I had to jump in to get the dog, there were flies, it was really like in a movie set it was really disgusting,” said Roman.

Roman compared the the unwanted dip in the algae to a nightmare.

“I didn’t know how solid that material is, that green goo that is there.”

After just a few minutes of being in the water, he was covered in toxic black algae, Roman’s neighbor, Sue Twinning helped them get out and get cleaned off.

“We hosed down the dog, hosed them down before they went in the house,” Twinning said.

He says now for the most part his dogs stay inside, and he keeps a very close eye on them.

“It is a real concern you know if it effects humans it effects dogs as well,” said Roman.