Clean water activist faced with questions about use of donated funds

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There’s no doubt John G Heim of the south Florida clean water movement is passionate about our water crisis.

“Follow the water,” said John
Reporter: “what will I find”?

But there’s questions when it comes to his fundraisers. He recently shut down a Facebook one that raised over $11,000.

“The whole thing you should be transparent,” said Ammon Hoffner.

Ammon Hoffner recently donated and now wonders where his money went.

You’re taking other peoples money to supposedly do good so why the cloak of secrecy on what you’re doing,” said Hoffner

At first Heim collected money for his truth tour, he even went to Washington DC to testify about our water crisis. But then he changed it to the Harry Chapin food bank. But now he says it will go to moving him out of state to fight his illness. We asked heim to explain..

Reporter: “Where is that money going to?”
John: “Water is life, I work for Mother Earth.”
Reporter: “I understand that, but the money a lot of people want to know where this money is going John.”
John: You’re harassing me, tomorrow you will have a restraining order against you and you’ll have an injunction against me.”
Reporter: “So the 11 thousand dollars?”
John: “Water is life”

When we first started looking into Heim’s financial records last month, he told us he refused to show us receipts.

John: “You don’t have to have the receipts.”

But now we received this typed up list of what he calls receipts, but it only references apparent deposits, and isn’t a bank statement or formal financial statement. When we questioned Heim on this he continued to deflect.

Reporter: “You know those weren’t your receipts that you handed into WINK News”
John: “Those were my receipts”
Reporter: “how so?”
John: “Water is life”

Heim told me off camera this paper came from his accountant. There is an illegible signature at the bottom, but wouldn’t give me a name.

“Just sounded awfully phony to me,” said Ammon.

And that’s why Hoffner and others no longer support John G Heim and the south Florida clean water movement.

“I thought he was trying to do a good thing seems like it’s gotten weirder and weirder as it’s going along,” said Ammon.

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