Swimmer stung by jellyfish near Cape Romano

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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Jelly fish are being spotted near local shores. If you’re not careful, you could be in for a painful lesson at the beach.

Seven-year-old Grace Sandherr was stung by a jellyfish near the Cape Romano Dome Houses.

“For me it was kind of that moment of fear like what is happening?” said Matthew Sandherr, Grace’s father.

The Sandherr family thought it would be nice to swim in the water near the Dome Houses.

“She saw a jellyfish, and we all acknowledged it,” Matthew said. “And, a little absent minded, we went back to the other side and started swimming.”

Grace’s parents took a turn when that jellyfish stung their daughter.

“It was probably when I was bringing my arm up, it stung me,” Grace said.

Naples City environmentalists said jellyfish usually pop up on the Gulf Coast around this time of year. The warm weather, abundance of food source, winds and currents create the perfect storm.

Michael Austin said he has heard what you’re supposed to do if a jellyfish stings you.

“I heard you’re supposed to pee on the sting,” Austin said, as he laughed. “Well, I’ve never tried that.”

Experts said that is a myth. Pouring vinegar on a sting is the best home remedy.

“Just, next time, if you see a jelly fish somewhere by the island, make sure you’re more careful when you’re swimming,” Grace said.

Neither Collier County nor the city said they put up warning signs for the jellyfish but said they would like to hear from anyone who gets stung, so they can help to educate others.

Experts said to avoid swimming when a jellyfish is in the water because the sting is bad.

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