Attorneys for Mark Sievers ask for evidence to be kicked out of court

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Mark Sievers and the late Dr. Teresa Sievers

Attorneys for the man accused of plotting his wife’s murder want some evidence kicked out of court.

Prosecutors say Mark Sievers hired his best friend, Curtis Wayne Wright, to kill his wife Dr. Teresa Sievers in June 2015.

Wright pleaded guilty and agreed to testify against Sievers at trial currently scheduled for June.

Mark Sievers’ attorneys want to silence any potential communication between their client and his best friend around the time of the murder.

The defense wants to suppress two search warrants for cell phone towers — one near the Sievers’ Bonita Springs home and one near Teresa’s family in Connecticut.

It’s important to point out Sievers was in Connecticut with the couple’s kids at the time of the murder.

The defense says there wasn’t probable cause for the search warrants.

One of the search warrants state: “During the incident the suspects were possibly in communication with each other organizing the crime and alibi’s utilizing burner phones.

We reported on Monday the defense also wants the term “Burner phone” banned from trial because they believe it’s prejudicial.

We previously obtained court records showing texts between the two on their regular phones.

One text from Sievers to Wright reads: “Whenever you want to use the other one just text me ‘other’ and then when I can I will call.

We talked a lot about the jury pool in this case.

Attorney’s for Sievers said they haven’t decided if they’ll ask Judge Bruce Kyle to pick a jury from another county or move the trial all together.

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