Safe alternatives to avoid using toxic sunscreens

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In May, WINK News told you the U.S. Food and Drug Administration now says only two ingredients are safe and effective in your sunscreen, and they are Zinc and Titanium Dioxide.

WINK News anchor Lindsey Sablan talked to a local dermatologist about the science behind that research, and also what she recommends to use to protect your skin.

Dr. Anais Badia recommends using a mineral based sunscreen powder to reduce the amount of toxins that get into your body when using other sunscreens.

“So mineral based is important because it’s something that’s not absorbed directly into the skin,” said Dr. Badia.

A big issue with other sunscreens, is the toxins mixed with the Zinc and Titanium Dioxide seep through your skin and into your bloodstream, which can become dangerous for users. That is why Dr. Badia recommends the powder alternative.

“The water is going to act like our skin and we’re going to go ahead and put a non-mineral based powder into it. As we mix it we can already see that some of that powder is falling to the bottom. So that is what’s happening when we’re putting non mineral powders onto our skin. It’s just being absorbed like that,” said Dr. Badia.

When the mineral powder is mixed the same way, nothing absorbs into the water, which is why it is a more healthy and safe alternative.

Other safety tips Dr. Badia suggests to protect yourself from the sun is to pick broad spectrum with an SPF of at least 30, and reapply every two hours. Also don’t leave it in direct sunlight, as the exposure to the heat can make it less effective.

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