Apple says certain iPhones will lose WiFi, GPS capabilities if they’re not updated

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Cell phones are more than a lifeline, they’re now a necessity.

From email, to directions, to entertainment—we’re all hooked.

It could be a really big problem for you if you have an iPhone 5 come Sunday.

That’s because if you don’t update it by then, the WiFi, GPS and email won’t work.

Dennis Digiacomo is a certified Apple tech. He says updates like these are important.

“They have to stay up to date. They have to stay one step ahead of the bad guys, so to speak, so we that we have a safe experience so that we can continue to do business,” he said.

Other devices that need to be updated for GPS purposes include the iPhone 4S, the first-generation iPad Mini, iPad 2 and third and fourth-generation iPads.

Apple says iPad models that have WiFi only—meaning they have no cellular capability—are not affected.

All you have to do to make sure you’re in the clear is open up the Settings app, go to General, then About.

If it’s not the latest software, then you’ll have to upgrade.

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