Teenager denied entrance to prom for wearing a suit

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Prom is a rite of passage for many teenagers, but one teen had her prom dreams ruined after she wasn’t allowed in because of what she was wearing.

Holly Savidge said her daughter Sophie was suited up and set to go to the Mason Classical Academy’s prom.

“She was excited,” said Savidge. “We took a couple pictures.”

Sophie’s prom dreams were quickly dashed when a school administrator pulled Sophie aside.

“Because she was in a suit and not a dress,” said Savidge, “because she is female and not male.”

The school has strict guidelines for attire for gentlemen and ladies.

For formal attire, only a gown, dress or one-piece is allowed.

MCA Guide to Attire

Mason Classical Academy responded to WINK News with a statement, saying in part, “Any student who shows up to an MCA dance and does not abide by the dress code is given the opportunity to return to the dance in proper attire.”

Savidge said they opted for something more casual instead.

“We went and got ice cream and talked about it, and she cried about it,” said Savidge.

Sophie is a junior and has been at the school since the second grade. Her mom thinks they need to keep up with the times.

“We realize this isn’t going to change anything for Sophie, my daughter, but we’d like it to change for kids in the future. They shouldn’t have to feel humiliated for being who they are,” said Savidge.

The embarrassment now has the family considering other options for Sophie’s senior year.

Adding to all this, Sophie’s father passed away recently.

Her mother said they’re looking at dual enrollment or virtual school for next year, but she hopes the school will relax its formal wear policy for dances in the future.

You can read the full statement from Mason Classical Academy below:

Mason Classical Academy has clear dress code guidelines for all dances. The dress codes are clearly presented and outlined to all students and parents. Any student who shows up to an MCA dance and does not abide by the dress code is given the opportunity to return to the dance in the proper attire. All students are treated equally at MCA and are welcome and encouraged to attend these voluntary events. Statement from Mason Classical Academy

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