How many sweets can you eat before it becomes harmful to your body

Reporter: Lindsey Sablan
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Halloween night, all rules about eating sweets are thrown out the window, but Thursday morning WINK News gives you a little gut check on how much sugar is really in that candy.

Most parents have year round rules on the amount of candy their kid can consume, but on special occasions like Halloween, those rules tend to bend sometimes.

Nicole Bruno is a mom and a doctor, and she is one of the many parents who will let their kid indulge in the sweets, but she knows there are limits.

“Our daily limit for kids is about six teaspoons of sugar a day,” Dr. Bruno said.

For women this number goes up to 7 and for men, it goes up to 8.

Small chocolate candies contain about two teaspoons of sugar, but it is the hard candy that shocked Dr. Bruno.

“The nerds really blew me away. So in a little box of Nerds, this one little box of Nerds there are three teaspoons of sugar,” said Dr. Bruno.

But what about that generous neighbor who gives out full size candy bars?

The Kit-Kat, Reeses, and Hershey bars all max out your sugar intake for the day.

Over intake of sweets could lead to eventual heart disease sooner, as well as diabetes and obesity.

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