Mark Sievers trial: Final day of testimony before the holiday break: Day 6

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As court resumed Wednesday in the high profile Teresa Sievers murder case, the big question was will Mark Sievers take the stand?

The state could rest their case next week, then it will be Mark’s lawyers turn.

A criminal defense attorney not affiliated with the case says, it’s likely the jurors will want to hear from Sievers.

They say the defense is likely going over questions he will be asked, and coaching him on how to respond.

Of course he has the right to not take the stand, but if he does testify the defense will likely call him last.

Sievers is accused of hiring two men, Jimmy Rodgers, and Curtis Wayne Wright to kill his wife, Teresa.

Court resumes Wednesday morning.


WARNING: This video may include graphic content that may be disturbing to some viewers.  NOTE: During a court recess, you will see a state of Florida seal.

Three witnesses expected to testify today in the Mark Sievers trial. Judge Kyle told jurors on Tuesday he anticipates being done with testimony for the day by noon. First witness on the stand is a manager with TracFone Wireless, a prepaid cell phone company.

Before testimony began Judge had his usual question for jurors, “have you seen or heard anything about the case?” Two jurors raised their hands. One woman said she went to work yesterday afternoon and was asked questions about it by coworkers, but didn’t answer. The judge allowed the two jurors to continue to serve.

The second person to take the stand is a newly retired analyst from the Lee County Sheriff’s Office. She helped analyze cell phone records in the Teresa Sievers murder investigation. She also took the stand during the Jimmy Rodgers Trial.

A court room presentation is showing jurors a “burner phone” that pinged off the tower closest to Curtis Wayne Wright’s home also pinged on Jarvis Road where the Sievers lived. “So are you saying that that same phone was in Missouri on May 17 and in Florida on June 28 and 29th? Yes ma’am,” said the witness.

The state asked the witness questions for about 50 minutes, the defense now has their turn to cross the witness. The defense for Mark Sievers pointing out that the analyst cannot tell what Sievers and Wright were talking about on the burner phones.

The trial has ended for the day and will resume after Thanksgiving break.


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