WINK News Roundtable: What’s worrying you about coronavirus?

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) is a top concern on people’s minds for many reasons. There are a lot of issues to pick from involving the effect the pandemic is having on human society. So we sat down with a group of experts from various fields at FGCU to receive their vantage point of where we stand to get some answers about what happens moving forward.

The experts we spoke to for WINK News Roundtable admit to the current uncertainty with how long the outbreak will last and the contingency plans that could be developing to respond to coronavirus. Among things impacting the response to COVID-19 was political environment and divide, mentioned by a panelist to be adding to uncertainty.

Of course, coronavirus is rapidly serving as a disruption to daily life, but FGCU experts say we as humans are resilient and can endure as much as we need to.

We also wanted to know about practical necessities. Are there enough beds in hospitals to treat patients if the virus becomes worse?

Again, the response was focused on human resiliency. Experts say hospitals will adequately treat patients even as potential numbers grow. The experts want people know, we will get through this.

So when will there be a vaccine?

The earliest a vaccine could be seen is this year. Experts emphasized the amount of testing that needs to be completed for a vaccine to be developed, however.

The experts also responded when we asked about the spread of misinformation related to COVID-19.

Experts mentioned the possibility of dangerous recommendations being spread to cure a virus that could harm you, things people might try to sell you online.

FGCU experts warn everyone to avoid buying unregulated products online as curing agents for any type of illness.

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