Collier County beach restrictions for July Fourth

Reporter: Taylor Smith Writer: Drew Hill
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Many beaches in Collier County are closing at sunset this weekend to deter visitors from out-of-town from coming. Others are opening around 5 p.m. which gives beachgoers a few hours to enjoy the sun. Some are just happy the beaches aren’t being shut down completely.

“We basically just had the clock sitting there, and we turned up at exactly 5 o’clock and banged down the doors,” said Kit Moody, who’s visiting with her family from New York this weekend.

Andres Aguas of Atlanta said, “Something is something. At least we can come for a couple of hours everyone has to take precautions, so we don’t mind, to be honest.”

Some people even left and came back when the beaches reopened. “Now, post-five, we are still here trying to enjoy the sunlight while we are here,” said Branden Gentz of Dallas.

He even found a nice way to get outdoors while passing the time. “Go to the pool and then come back at five,” said Gentz.

Or there’s Agua’s approach. “Stay home to eat something, come in the morning maybe, and then rest and come back at night,” he said.

And while tomorrow will be missing the staple fireworks shows, many visitors are just going to make their own fun! “I’m going to do my own fireworks,” said Sebastian of Miami.

Samuel of Naples said, “We’re going to get some fireworks and throw them up.”

“There’s isles and isles of fireworks everywhere, so we just loaded up,” said Moody.

Many of the visitors aren’t going to let anything stop them from enjoying the Fourth of July in the sunshine state.

“Whatever beliefs you have it should be the day that everyone likes each other again,” Gentz said.

“Happy birthday America!” Samuel added.

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