District custodial services work to ensure safety at Lee County schools

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
Credit: WINK News.

School District of Lee County gave us an inside look at how it’s planning to keep your kids safe by cleaning.

When students walk into classrooms in Lee County, the District says they should feel safe knowing that every desk, door handle and the restrooms are cleaned throughout the day

District custodians are working with purpose.

“It’s very important to keep our children safe, our families safe, our visitors safe,” said Tammy Rodriguez Garcia, a supervisor in the District.

Teams are cleaning walls, door handles, bathroom railings and desks — anything and everything anyone might touch during a typical school day.

The District is also making changes to air filtration, cycling fresh air throughout the building and adding touchless water fountains.

“I have two kids in the county, and I will get my kids to be safe,” said Jimmy Thompson, a coordinator with the District. “And I want your kids to be safe.”

In schools where students change classes, the District and teachers are still talking about what they can do and whose responsibility it will be to keep classrooms clean.

If they do get a positive case, the District will bring in its fogging machine. Because of the high expenses, the Lee County school district says it’s planning to fog classrooms on a case positive basis, but it’s working toward at least once a week.

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