Preliminary proposal replaces westbound Cape Coral Bridge

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Lee County wants to make changes to Cape Coral Bridge. Many community members have wanted to see a change to the way the bridge functions for years. The mayor questions whether the current plan makes sense, but does support a bridge project.

The current plan is to replace the westbound span of the Cape Coral Bridge. The Lee County Department of Transportation says this would happen in 2027.

The Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization says they plan to do an environmental screening on a possible bridge connecting south Cape Coral to Iona Road.

Jason Perkins commutes from Cape Coral to Fort Myers over the Cape Coral Bridge every day for work, and he says it can be a headache.

“Early in the morning between the hours of seven and eight, it’s really bad,” Perkins said. “Traffic is backed up, and if there’s one wreck, you can forget about it.”

That’s why he and others who commute back and forth think a new bridge could be the solution.

“The problem is only gonna get worse if they don’t do something to expand the ways we get back over the bridge,” Perkins said.

“I think a new bridge should be considered,” Ryan Hall said. “It would definitely help with the flow of traffic.”

At a meeting earlier in August, Mayor Joe Coviello said he too thinks a new bridge should be explored.

“I’m not a big fan of replacing the span of the west side of Cape Coral Parkway heading over the bridge,” Coviello said. “I am a fan of another bridge and adding to the capacity.”

We spoke with a representative from the Lee County Metropolitan Planning Organization, who said they do not think a new bridge is a viable option.

The concern is funding and environmental constraints. But they plan to do an environmental screening on a possible bridge connecting south Cape Coral to Iona Rd.

Lee MPO told us right now everything is a work in progress.

The city and county maintain the only set plan is the replacement of the westbound span of this bridge.

“The city is only growing, and I think that would only help out,” Roger Shockey said.

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