Motorcycle crash victim searches for good Samaritan

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Kyle Durham
motorcycle accident injuries

On Sept. 22, Kyle Durham was in a pretty bad motorcycle accident. There was a stranger who stopped to check on him. Now he, and the community, are searching for that woman to thank her.

Durham considers himself an experienced motorcycle rider. With all of his experience, he never expected this crash to happen. “I went down pretty hard and ambulances came, [a] fire truck came, and a couple police vehicles came as well,” he said.

But he considers himself to be one of the lucky ones. “I can’t really remember the pain, until I got back here and I actually started cleaning up. And road rash is bad, road rash hurts.”

Luckily the pain of the crash subsided but the kindness of a stranger is what stuck with Durham. “I guess she was trying to console me, like I said, I don’t remember her face, I don’t remember her at all, but my friend said that she was a young blonde lady that came out and was already there checking on me to make sure I was all right,” he said.

Now that he’s out riding again, he’s been searching for the young woman who offered him help. If he does happen to find her, there’s just one thing he wants to say. “Thank you so much, I mean I’ll probably just sit there and blabber on different ways you can say thank you, but you really can’t put it into words on something like that.”

Durham has posted his story on a couple of Cape Coral Facebook pages and says the response has been overwhelmingly supportive. “My phone is constantly like hope you find her, I hope you find her, you know did you see this, did somebody say that where was it,” said Durham.

WINK News Reporter Gail Levy said, “Maybe it’s your long-lost love?” Durham responded, “I wouldn’t go that far, I’m sure she’s happy off where she is but I’m appreciative of her for sure.”

Kyle Durham says if you know this woman or see her you can contact him via Facebook so he can thank her personally.

Durham says that was a lucky day but feels even luckier that he’s alive to search for the good Samaritan.

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