Dog that attacked 3 others in Cape Coral, killing 1, was killed by officer at scene

Writer: Jack Lowenstein
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A portion of Cape Coral Linear Park.

UPDATE – March 18, 2021: The dog that attacked three dogs, killing one, and bit two people was shot and killed by two officers who responded to the scene, a report shows.

The dog, named Bubba, attacked and killed a chihuahua and bit a beagle-mix being walked by their owner. It then crossed the road and attacked a German shepherd service dog being walked by his owner. An officer initially shot Bubba in the shoulder and was kicking at him in an effort to stop him, but when the dog continued to attack, he was shot twice more and died.

The owners of the chihuahua and beagle-mix suffered bites to their hands while trying to fend off the dog.

Bubba’s owner told police he would cover any costs associated with the attack. The dog’s body was taken for testing.


A couple is distraught and mourning the loss of a loved one after a violent attack.

Cape Coral Police Department says an older woman was walking her two dogs Sunday when a pit bull attacked her and killed one of her beloved pets at Del Prado Linear Park.

The pit bull accused in the attack was reportedly running wild through the city park and wouldn’t stop biting.

The woman attacked told us Tuesday she and her dogs were walking along the trail when suddenly a pit bull charged at her. She told us she tried to protect her dog but got knocked down, and the pit bull started to bite her.

Somehow, she says she called 911 and her husband, but the pit bull took her dog away into an empty field.

The dog-bite victim said she then tried to put her other dog in the car when the pit bull attacked again. She claims the pit bull tried to get at her second dog by jumping inside the car, but her husband arrived at the park in time to save them both.

When Cape Coral police arrived, the officer reported the pit bull was in that empty field sitting next to a dead dog. That officer tried to get the pit bull into his patrol car, but that didn’t happen.

The pit bull saw another dog and gave chase and caught it. The officer followed and tried to separate the dogs.

Police have not confirmed what happened next. That information was redacted in the report.

Lee County Animal Control arrived and scanned the pit bull’s microchip and contacted the animal owner. The pit bull’s owner also received a citation.

No one will say where the pit bull was Tuesday night.

Because the pit bull was not up to date on its vaccinations, the woman attacked said she’s now stuck with hundreds of dollars in medical bills for rabies shots.

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