Collier County conducts traffic study survey for future of Immokalee Road

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Collier County Board of County Commissioners is looking to determine how bad traffic is along Immokalee Road between Livingston Road and Logan Boulevard and reviewing what can be done about it.

A traffic study survey is being conducted to get a better idea about how the county can best keep traffic from getting backed up on the roadway, especially during rush hour.

“Number one frustration would be traffic,” Brennan Fitzgerald said.

It takes longer to get places, and frustrations build behind the wheel.

“Are you kidding?” Jones Siciliano said. “Much worse, much, much this year for sure

“Naples is a beautiful place, and people want to move here,” Fitzgerald said.

Many in Collier County have issues on Immokalee Rd.

“We live on Immokalee, and that’s really bad,” Siciliano said.

Collier County Sheriff’s Office admitted it after posting a meme on its Facebook page saying, “We get it, friends. We drive there too. Be patient. Stay focused and obey traffic laws.”

The county says, if nothing is done to improve Immokalee Rd by 2040, it will be even worse. That’s why commissioners want community input.

On Oakes Boulevard and Immokalee Road, the county would like to add a right turn lane and increase the length of the left turn lane. At spots located at the southbound and northbound on and off ramps for I-75 at Immokalee Rd., the county thinks a diverging diamond interchange would also help.

“I don’t know how they would make it wider,” Siciliano said. “It’s impossible.”

The areas of focus are nine major intersections from Livingston Rd. to Logan Blvd. Since developments and canals are on either side of the road, they’re looking for alternative solutions, which includes extending turn lanes or creating an overpass.

“Anything they can do should be helpful,” Siciliano said.

For now, drivers should stay alert and remain patient on the roads.

“We know that’s what it is, and we smile, nod and keep ongoing,” Fitzgerald said.

If you’re interested in helping decide the future of Immokalee Rd., the county hopes you will complete the traffic survey by April 16.


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