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Lee County schools looking for public input about a new school in Lehigh Acres

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The School District of Lee County is inviting the public to learn more about a new elementary school that is planned for Lehigh Acres.

The school will be built near the new Lehigh Acres Middle School that opened earlier this year.

Lee County School District members are encouraging the community to be part of the development of the new elementary school.

One of the ways they plan on doing that is by allowing parents to see the construction plans and the total cost of the project. Suggestions for school programs, academics and the school’s name are also on the list of things parents can play a role in.

Lee County schools understand the need for the new school with Lehigh Acres experiencing so much population growth.

The growth prompted Lee County schools to build more campuses to fight overcrowding and meet the demand for schools. The school district has already added the Gateway High School in East Lee County, a new middle school in Lehigh Acres and now it is getting ready to build an elementary school right next door.

The growing population comes in part due to an increased cost of living in surrounding areas. People in Southwest Florida are looking to relocate somewhere more affordable.

And while moderately priced homes are a driving factor to move to Lehigh Acres, young families are also on the hunt for good schools.

Lee County sees this demand and is ready to meet it. Michael Welch with the East Lee County Chamber of Commerce said, “this is the place where young families begin their lives together. This is where they come and buy their first home. And if you take a look at the discussion at the Lee County School District, it’s about the explosion of the student population in the east and eastern zone. ”

The school district wants you to come out to their meeting in early December to help decide what’s best for the students the school will serve.

Rob Spicker, the assistant director of media relations for Lee County schools said, “it’s important to the board, it’s important to the district to make sure we’re engaging the community and involving them in the process and keeping them up to date on what’s happening. So we invite them to come out. Learn a little bit about what’s planned for this school and the campus and the things that will be happening in the year and a half ahead, so that they’re informed.”

That meeting for parents and community members is currently scheduled for Dec. 8 at 5:30 in the cafeteria of the new Lehigh Acres Middle School.

The cost of the project was covered by the voter-approved half-cent sales tax.

Construction is expected to start early next year with the school set to open for students in august of 2023.

Lee County schools also laid out a 10-year plan that calls for two new middle schools and a new high school.