Gov. Ron DeSantis targets critical race theory in schools

Reporter: Breana Ross
Critical race theory

A new piece of legislation proposed by Gov. Ron DeSantis would let parents sue if they think their kids are being taught critical race theory.

The idea is getting a lot of reactions for and against it.

Crystal Johnson knows our country’s history is not always pretty but she wants to make sure her child learns all of it.

Now, Johnson is worried that DeSantis’ Stop Woke Act will stop teachers from teaching all of our country’s history.

Critical race theory is meant to examine how racism impacts laws and institutions.

“With the rise of this woke ideology is an attempt to really delegitimize our history and an attempt to delegitimize our institutions,” said DeSantis, who is a Republican.

Lakesha Howell, who was present with DeSantis during his announcement, is a parent.

“CRT is not something I agree with at all being especially a person of color,” Howell said.
“It’s caused a lot of anxiety and depression in school-age children and that’s not OK.”

While DeSantis continues to emphasize critical race theory, there is no evidence that it is being taught in public schools. DeSantis issued the State Board of Education to issue its own ban on it over the summer.

But local advocate Chantel Rhodes said critical race theory does not teach children to hate America. But this law will sow more division.

“Worry about how to bridge the divide, and how to unify people,” Rhodes said.

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