Woman wakes up to workers removing roof tiles even though she didn’t request service

Reporter: Andrea Guerrero Writer: Drew Hill
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Cape roof mishap

What is being called a service switch-up happened in Cape Coral. A woman woke up to workers removing tiles from her roof even though she never asked for the service.

This happened along SW 37th Terrace in Cape Coral. Now, WINK News is speaking to that woman.

Imagine this – you’re just trying to sleep in one morning when all of a sudden you hear loud banging and smashing on your roof, right above your bedroom, no less.

So, the woman who lived inside the home rushed out and found clearly a dozen workers trying to repair her roof.

Tommy Acken lives in Cape Coral. “We’re not mad, just want it fixed,” Acken said. Well, Acken might not be mad, but Suzzy Rigins certainly is.

Rigins was trying to sleep in on Friday morning when she heard something strange. “Why would anyone be on the roof making a bunch of noise?” Rigins said.

The answer to that question is that CMR Construction and roofing had the incorrect address.

“I got dressed and went outside, and there was 10 roofers on my roof pulling out the tiles! So I came out and started yelling, ‘what are you doing?’ ‘What are you doing?’ They’re looking at me like, ‘what are you doing?'” said Rigins.

They said plainly that their GPS brought them to her house. WINK News reporter Andrea Guerrero contacted CMR Construction and Roofing to see what they had to say about the chaos and the confusion it caused. The company said they’d have someone call Guerrero back.

But, this whole misunderstanding left Tommy and Suzzy’s roof in disrepair, and they want it fixed soon rather than later.

“Once the rains come, and if it’s still broken and they’re not going to be paying for the roof, they’re going to be paying for the roof and the damages inside,” said Acken.

“We need to have a roof. It was a perfectly good roof, so I need to be back in that kind of shape, not smashed,” Rigins said.

The construction company still hasn’t called Guerrero back. But, the company did reach out to the couple on Monday afternoon.

But, they still don’t know whether the damage will be repaired or if they even trust the company to do it.

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