Woman turns herself in after police say she stole a car, exposed herself, escaped custody

Writer: Matthew Seaver
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Sykema Kyles
Sykema Kyles, 29. (Credit: Lee County Sheriff’s Office)

A woman is back under arrest after turning herself in following a successful escape from the back of a Fort Myers police car.

Fort Myers police say 29-year-old Sykema Kyles was initially arrested on Sunday for indecent exposure and stealing a car.

Police say they were called by the woman whose car had been stolen after that woman had found Kyles. The woman told police that Kyles had vandalized her car as well.

Officers say they found the two women on the side of the road near a van that had a broken windshield. Kyles told police that she used a brick to break the windshield because she had locked the keys in the van.

Fort Myers police say the woman who owns the car told them that Kyles took the van without permission and broke the window with a brick.

Officers then went to speak with Kyles again and said she had removed her pants and underwear, so they took her into custody for indecent exposure.

After placing Kyles in a patrol car, Fort Myers police say they went to speak with the van’s owner for more details about what had happened.

The owner told police that she had left the van with a friend to get it fixed. The woman told police that Kyles was with her when she dropped the van off and that Kyles saw her put the keys in the sun visor.

According to police, the van’s owner left Kyles and the van at the friend’s house, and when they returned, the van was gone, and the friend said Kyles had taken it.

Fort Myers police say the van’s owner searched for Kyles, found her, and followed her until Kyles stopped. Police say the van’s owner saw Kyles screaming and kicking the door of the van. The owner told police that Kyles said the keys were locked inside, which was why the passenger side window was broken.

After questioning the van’s owner, Fort Myers police say the officer on the scene went back to his car where Kyles was, but she was no longer there.

Fort Myers police say the cameras inside the officer’s car showed Kyles slip out of the handcuffs, reach out the partially open window, and open the door to escape.

In the arrest report, the officer says the window was left open so Kyles wouldn’t suffocate while sitting in the car.

Police and K-9 units searched for Kyles but were unable to find her.

On Monday, Fort Myers police say Kyles turned herself in. Police say after Kyles escaped, she told them she took some illegal substances and became worried she would be caught with an officer’s handcuffs on her. She told police she threw the handcuffs away.

Kyles was arrested for a second time and is facing charges of indecent exposure, grand theft of a vehicle, property damage, escape, and two charges for battery on an officer or EMT.

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