Faucets left on drenching Cape Coral home in water by suspect

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Someone flooded a home in Cape Coral by breaking in and leaving the water on, causing thousands of dollars in damages.

Thursday morning, neighbors saw the front door wide-open with water gushing out of the brand new home.

“It makes me mad that people destroy other peoples lives,” said Linda Barlow, a neighbor of the flooded house.

One neighbor said they were taking their child to school Thursday morning and they noticed the front door was wide open with water pouring out of it. When police got to the house, they found an inch of standing water inside the home.

They found every faucet inside, including the bathtubs, left on.

“How many of us have that kind of money just to write out and brush it off as if it never happened to us,” said Barlow.

Left over from some of the repairs being done inside the soaked Cape Coral home. (CREDIT: WINK News)

All the carpets were completely drenched. The baseboards, cabinets, and drywall all doused with water.

“If they’re going to break into an empty house, they will do the same to someone that’s occupied,” said Karen Garza, another neighbor.

Cape Coral police are hoping somebody knows something about this crime. In the meantime, officers were able to lift four sets of fingerprints from the faucets inside the home.

The neighbors want whoever did this to pay for the damage they caused.

“Yeah, I want them to be ‘cuffed’ and ‘stuffed’… and to pay for it because there’s consequences… good, bad, or ugly,” said Barlow.

Neighbors have seen disaster clean-up crews at the house the last two days and are trying to repair the water damage inside the home.

Call Cape Coral police if you know who may be responsible for the crime.

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