Labor Day enjoyed by people on Lowdermilk Beach

Reporter: Emma Heaton Writer: Matthew Seaver
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Lowdermilk Beach
Lowdermilk Beach on Labor Day 2022. (Credit: WINK News)

Along the coast in Naples, people were cooling off in the water at Lowdermilk Beach Park as they enjoyed the Labor Day holiday.

When 4-year-old Adalynn Rominger goes to the beach, she smiles from ear to ear. “This is cool!”

Adalynn also laughs a lot because there’s the sun, sand, surf, and of course, seashells.

She showed WINK News her collection from the day. “A big rock and a big seashell, and this one’s my favorite.”

There’s really nothing to complain about. Adalynn loves Lowdermilk Beach because it’s where she can do what she does best; be a kid.

Adalynn might not appreciate what Labor Day means for workers across the country, but beachgoer Bobbie Katz does.

“To celebrate the workers from across the country who deserve a day to be recognized for their effort and time that they have spent working in the United States and around the world, and it’s just a chance to appreciate each other and enjoy the beautiful weather in Naples Florida,” said Katz.

Thousands of those hard workers did just that and enjoyed their time outside the office under the Florida sun.

“Because we deserve it. We’re both first responders, so we definitely appreciate people working so hard and getting the day off today,” said Erin and Jeff Swenson, who were also enjoying their honeymoon.

While people say it was cool to have a day off, they made sure to stay hydrated during the hot beach day while keeping an eye on the skies to not get caught in an afternoon storm.

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