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Some in Cape Coral still waiting for power after Ian


Some people in Cape Coral are still having power issues in their neighborhoods.

One woman said it was starting to become frustrating. Finding generators was difficult for many people who live in Cape Coral.

Those who did get electricity before others invited neighbors to cool off.

“I didn’t think it was going to be that long but I knew they would get to us,” Velazquez said.

In Southeast Cape Coral near the Tudor Canal, some waited for power for a long time.

Dave Asher experienced flooding in his home.

Mary returned home after the storm and wanted to cry when she saw what happened.

“We are just going to remodel and go on like it’s just another day,” Dave said. “It’s a lot of work but it will keep me in shape.

Dave said the community came together to make things work without power.

“As the food would defrost in the freezers, we would take it to the grill and cook it,” Mary said.

They also shared dinners out at the pool.

The most difficult thing to find was ice for the coolers.

The Ashers were without power for 11 days but got it back on Sunday night.