Retired South Florida firefighter distributes Narcan to help save lives

Author: CBS Miami Staff
Luis Garcia and boxes of Narcan. Credit: CBS Miami

A retired firefighter makes it his mission to distribute Narcan to families with the hopes of saving lives. Luis Garcia started a non-profitable organization that makes overdose reversal drugs more accessible.

Garcia was seen at Pompano Beach distributing and demonstrating how to use Narcan on Saturday.

“This is life or death. You cannot wait two or three minutes until the police officer give Narcan, or the fire rescue guy gives you Narcan. Two, three, or four minutes, means life or death on that human being.” Garcia said in an interview.

To help spread Garcia’s message people like Maria Faber, who lost her son to a drug overdose, and Jeanette Krupp, who lost her brother and cousin, have personal stories to tell.

“He had been sober for 10 1/2 months, and he relapsed. There was fentanyl and heroine. I found him in the room.” Faber said.

“It’s not just hard for the family, but my brother has three children. A two-year-old, a three-year-old, and a fourteen-year-old that my parents are now raising.” Krupp said.

Luis Garcia is giving away 7,500 bottles of Narcan across South Florida.

A special thanks to Chey Barnes. Founder of the God Smiles Foundation.

This foundation has been established to assist persons in long-term recovery from Substance Use Disorder.

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