Remaining questions, concerns after Naples Police Department break-in

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Security concerns after Naples Police said a man forced his way into their headquarters and took off with tactical clothing.

In a statement, Naples PD said they are actively reviewing security measures at the department. And they’ve already begun fortifying the same door that Naples PD said Joseph Moulton used to get inside.

The incident report raises questions regarding safety and security at the department. So WINK News reached out to every Naples City Councilmember, the City Manager, and the Mayor to get answers.

Moulton’s arrest report indicates, a forceful pull at the door, cracked the code needed to get inside the Naples Police Department Friday night.

Begging the question, how easily can someone get inside the city’s building?

“Investigators are looking into the root cause you stated that perhaps this individual just pulled on the door. There may be some other issues at play here,” Naples City Councilman Terry Hutchison, said.

Councilman Hutchison is the only city leader willing to speak with WINK News on the topic. Councilman Hutchison told WINK News, the safety and security of buildings in the City of Naples is a top priority.

In the statement, Naples PD said further review is actively underway regarding access points, security measures, and policies to make certain that all measures are taken to secure the city’s buildings.

But, with Moulton getting in the department’s building and leaving with police gear, are these buildings secure right now? Due to the ongoing investigation, Naples PD did not answer that question. But Naples PD did say the current measures prevented Moulton from accessing sensitive areas.

But based on the report, it took police more than two hours to know an intruder was inside their building. And more than six hours to arrest the suspect.

Would Moulton’s brash reckless behavior elicit imitation?

“There are places that individuals might want to try these kinds of things. The City of Naples is not that place. You don’t want to come here and practice crime, I can assure you,” Councilman Hutchison said.

Any doubt, they’ll use Moulton as an example.

“I believe that we’ll probably use the full force of our laws to remedy the situation and ensure that this individual is held accountable,” Hutchison said.

Naples PD said Moulton faces two counts of burglary and one count of grand theft. They said when arrested he claimed to be under the influence of alcohol and marijuana. Naples City Manager, Jay Boodheswar, said the city plans to issue their own statement about what happened.

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