What does South Carolina think of Gov. Ron DeSantis?

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With DeSantis 2024 signs raised high, southerners in Greenville, South Carolina made it clear. They believe Florida’s governor is presidential material.

“He’s got an incredible amount of common sense and wisdom. And he’s brilliant.” Randy Thompson stated.

“I definitely support him for President.” said Dean Estep.

Estep had a feeling he was going to like Gov. DeSantis, but he needed to see him to believe him. And now that he’s seen him?

“He’s the real deal. And I’m very impressed,” Estep said.

The navy fit in just as well in the low country.

“He served in Iraq just like I did,” said Patrick Tabai. Tabai told WINK News he wants a piece of what DeSantis did for Florida for South Carolina.

“He’s fighting the woke narrative,” Tabai said.

After DeSantis spoke, he met with WINK News for a moment. WINK News asked him how his message changes from speaking with Floridians to South Carolinians, from Iowa and New Hampshire. Or does it?

“The principles are the same. At the end of the day you have certain fundamental ideas that are important. Of course, there different things you address on a national stage than in Florida. But the issues, that’s the approach to leadership underlying philosophy and principles and can you fight for those things.” DeSantis said. “Under pressure in Florida, we showed if you need support we will be there. We saved a lot of livelihood and jobs and education in Florida, and that’s what we would do in the U.S.”

Only 35 weeks before the South Carolina primary, DeSantis had a good day.

But he could not make voters forget former President Donald Trump. But there’s time.

Trump and DeSantis are running one and two in the polls of South Carolina, ahead of the two South Carolinians in the race for the White House: Senator Tim Scott and former Governor Nikki Haley.

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