Cape Coral fighting blue-green algae to prevent total outbreak

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Cape Coral is dealing with blue-green algae, and the city wants it’s citizens to know that it’s everyone’s responsibility to help prevent a full-on outbreak.

The city is working to combat the bloom in various ways. Nevertheless, everyone handles the warning differently.

Health alert signs are scattered throughout Jaycee Park, alerting people that blue-green algae is in the water and to stay away from the toxins.

“I’ve lived here so long, we kind of get used to it,” said Joseph, a man WINK News saw fishing in the waters.

Joseph has lived in Florida his whole life and isn’t phased by the signs or the potentially toxic algae.

“We know when to fish when not to, but we’re not eating anything. We’re not keeping anything. You know, everything’s catch and release. So it doesn’t worry me, then. But you know, if we were trying to catch fish to keep, then it would be an issue,” said Joseph.

Cape Coral is aware of the algae and is actively working against it. The city’s bubble curtains are part of a dual approach to mitigating toxic algae, but the bubble’s barrier is still beatable.

Cape Coral’s environmental resource manager, Maya Robert says it needs to be a group effort.

“We must manage our water bodies responsibly. Both agencies, but also the public, by abiding by nutrient reduction, such as fertilizer, ordinance,” said Robert.

Cape Coral’s fertilizer ordinance says no nitrogen or phosphorus fertilizers can be used from June 1 to Sep. 30. That’s because those excess nutrients impact the waterways and can lead to algae blooms. That goes for people who don’t live on the water also.

“Just because you don’t live on a waterfront property, we actually are all connected by water in Cape Coral. Even if you live on a dry lot, you are just a mere feet away by to any water body,” Robert said.

The city knows algae is a problem and they are positioning themselves to have different types of technologies available.

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