Poll: not enough support for marijuana and abortion rights amendments

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A recent poll suggests that proposed amendments regarding recreational marijuana and abortion rights in Florida are facing challenges in garnering support.

Both amendments require at least 60% of the vote to pass, but current polling shows less support.

A poll by USA Today shows about half of Floridians voting yes to the abortion measure, which focuses on ensuring abortion access until fetal viability, which is generally considered 24 weeks, and allowing abortions to protect a patient’s health.

A similar percentage would vote for a marijuana amendment, which aims to allow adults over 21 to possess limited amounts of marijuana, up to three ounces of pot and up to five grams of cannabis concentrate.

A portion of poll-takers were unsure on the amendments or not registered.

Political expert’s thoughts

Political scientist Aubrey Jewett said money and messaging will need to be a focus in the coming days for advocates hoping to sway voters.

Both sides will need to raise millions of dollars for ads to sway public opinion.

With marijuana, the business stands to make significant profits, which Jewett believes motivates their substantial financial investment.

The marijuana amendment is receiving financial backing from marijuana companies.

“The forces who are pushing for recreational marijuana stand to make a ton of money if it passes, so they’re willing to invest a ton of money upfront,” said Jewett.

Jewett believes that public opinion can change, as the poll is a snapshot cautioning voters against interpreting the poll as a final decision.

Both sides have work to do to inform and persuade voters.

What do neighbors say?

Dean Bohnke said he supports recreational marijuana, seeing no harm in it, especially compared to other substances.

When asked if he was confident these amendments will garner the support they need to pass, Bohnke responded with, “probably.”

Priscilla Bernal from Fort Myers believes that both issues should be decided by the individual, not the government, but believes the polls will change in the coming days.

“I believe it’s going to change essentially because they’re gonna make decisions, they’re gonna make moves,” said Bernal. “They’re gonna make money. They’re gonna make people think about this decision.”

Maria Sanchez from Cape Coral, who is 20 years old, believes in the right to choose and feels that as long as marijuana use is safe and responsible, it should be allowed.

“As long as like there’s more people speaking out about it. I feel like things could actually get changed,” said Sanchez.

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