Understanding the Tropical Satellite Graphic

A very common product that meteorologists use to show active tropical systems is the tropical satellite graphic. This graphic is a map with a satellite depiction of the system shown using a rainbow color table. The colors closer to dark red on the spectrum indicate clouds that are colder and higher in the atmosphere. These […]

Threats and Impacts Graphics for Landfalling Tropical Systems

National Weather Service’s local forecasting offices are constantly evolving their hurricane communication products. In recent years, in conjunction with the National Hurricane Center, they developed a new set of products. These products are useful for assessing hurricane-related threats. The local National Weather Service offices release the suite of hurricane threats and impacts graphics when tropical […]

How to Interpret the Spaghetti Plot

One of the most exciting plots to see when a tropical system develops is the spaghetti plots. This is the graphic where all of the tracks of the various computer models are taking the system. In addition to a consensus of where the storm is most likely to track in the immediate future, the spaghetti […]

The Cone of Uncertainty: What it is and How to Interpret it

The Cone of Uncertainty, officially named the Tropical Cyclone Track Forecast Cone, is a graphic issued by the National Hurricane Center once a region of interest becomes a tropical storm. The area within the cone of uncertainty encapsulates the forecasted track of the center of tropical system. Additionally, the cone of uncertainty includes the likely […]

Where is the Bermuda High? Here’s what to know

The Azores High, also known as the Bermuda High during the summer, is the main semi-permanent high-pressure system that meteorologists track in the Atlantic Ocean. During the summer, the area of high-pressure shifts west and becomes centered over Bermuda. The Bermuda High varies in size and location throughout the summer. Due to its semi-permanence and […]

Warmest June so far in northern Atlantic Ocean 

2023 has been a year of record breaking in terms of weather. From record low air quality in the Northeast, due to the Canadian wildfires, to a 1-in-1000-year flooding event in Fort Lauderdale, 2023 has already been out of the ordinary. The next place researchers and meteorologists are turning their eyes: sea surface temperatures in […]