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Florida transgender treatment rules draw court challenge

Four families filed a federal lawsuit Thursday challenging rules adopted by Florida medical boards that prohibit doctors from providing gender-affirming treatment such as puberty blockers and hormone therapy to transgender children, arguing the rules intrude on “parents’ fundamental right to direct the upbringing of their adolescent children.”

Other US states copying Florida’s ‘Don’t Say Gay’ efforts

Florida’s move to expand its prohibition on teaching sexual orientation or gender identity in the classroom comes as Republican lawmakers in other states pursue their own versions of what critics dubbed the “Don’t Say Gay” law.

DeSantis walks back ‘territorial dispute’ remark on Ukraine

Gov. Ron DeSantis is walking back his characterization of Russia’s war in Ukraine as a “territorial dispute,” following criticism from a number of fellow Republicans who expressed concern about the potential 2024 presidential candidate’s dismissive description of the conflict.

DeSantis to expand ‘Don’t Say Gay’ law to high schools

The administration of Gov. Ron DeSantis is moving to forbid classroom instruction on sexual orientation and gender identity in all grades, expanding the controversial law critics call “Don’t Say Gay” as the Republican governor continues a focus on cultural issues ahead of his expected presidential run.

Florida surgeon general misleads on vaccines’ value

CLAIM: A study published in The Lancet proves that COVID-19 mRNA vaccines increase people’s chances of contracting the disease after seven months, providing further evidence that people should not get vaccinated.

AP’S ASSESSMENT: Misleading.