Florida Power & Light looks to get into the fracking business

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Florida Power & Light is asking the Public Service Commission to approve $750 million dollars a year of your money on a natural gas plan that would allow a fracking project to begin in Oklahoma in just a few weeks.

FPL is also asking for the commission to approve guidelines for future and larger fracking projects. FPL says this will cut costs for customers in the long run.

“We already buy and use a lot of natural gas and what we’re trying to do is find a way to secure that gas at the lowest price and most stable price for our customers,” said Sarah Gatewood, spokesperson for FPL.

But some people aren’t buying it.

“They don’t care about the little person they care about the dollar signs,” said Chris, a Florida Power & Light customer.

The environmental issues surrounding fracking is also a serious concern for many.

“Fracking shouldn’t be allowed anywhere. It poisons the water. It kills the fish. It kills the wildlife,” said Chris.

FPL tells WINK News they want to get natural gas at production cost from companies already in the fracking business. FPL says they are not trying to begin fracking in Florida but rather other states that already have a good track record.

If approved, FPL would be allowed to spend up to $750 million dollars per year but they say that number would be them more bang for their buck-not costing customers any more than what they’re already paying, but rather more natural gas for a lower price.

They say this will not increase your bill; in fact they believe it will make your bill lower. The commission is expected to make a decision before the end of the year.

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