Some say county solid waste calendar a ‘waste’ of money

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LEE COUNTY, Fla.- It’s your money and the Lee County Solid Waste Division is using it on decorative calendars. The county says there’s valuable educational information inside but some people say it’s a waste of taxpayer’s money and that they’ll end up in the trash.

Each calendar costs 46 cents. It may not sound like a lot but when over 150,000 are printed that cost goes up to almost $76,000. A price many say just isn’t worth it.

“I looked at it but then I just put it in the recycle bin,” said Diane Ashworth, Lee County resident.

Solid waste division coordinators included the cost in the budget this year and it was also approved by commissioners.

“There’s so much hunger and so much homelessness that that money could be donated to one of those places that really provide services to the community,” said Ashworth.

Coordinators say the money is well spent for educational purposes.

“I would ask people to compare the cost of the calendar which is 46 cents to to the cost of a first class stamp which is 49 cents. You can use it all year long. You can give it to your neighbor if you don’t want it. You can put it back in the recycle bin and that paper will be recycled. It’s just one more touch, one more effort to get the information out,” said Molly Schweers, Lee County Solid Waste Coordinator.

Some say having special dates marked, like changes to the garbage schedules, are helpful to have but others say there are numerous other ways to find out that information without spending thousands of dollars.

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