Gas prices in Florida continue to drop

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COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. – Your pocketbook is going to be much more merrier this Christmas. Gas prices are dropping rapidly and are expected to hit their lowest mark in years! AAA predicts some parts of the state will see prices under two dollars a gallon.

“Are you serious? That’s wonderful. I can’t believe it,” said Naples driver, Kathy Foley.

AAA says prices are dropping 2 cents a gallon each day, saving drivers a dollar a gallon compared to last year.

“It’s helping me tremendously,” said Foley.

The national average is now $2.47 for a gallon for regular, the lowest in 5 years. Analysts say prices should keep falling because oil supply is up.

“I think it’s about time gas prices reflect what we gave up in the Middle East,” said Naples driver, Robert Johns. “Being a veteran there’s a lot of military there’s a lot of action going on that we warrant the gas prices being low.”

But, there is a gas Grinch in Collier County. says Naples has the highest gas prices in the state right now at $2.69 a gallon. That’s because the fuel has to travel farther to get here and the area has a high cost of living. Still, shoppers say any drop in the price is a gift worth getting.

“We get to spend a little more money on Christmas presents for the ones we love, ’cause we’re not giving it to the gas pumps,” said Johns.


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