Congregation controversy: Neighbors want church to stay out because of sex addicts, traffic

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COLLIER COUNTY, Fla. – There’s a congregation controversy in Collier County.

A church wants to move in, but neighbors say it will make their area unsafe. Part of their concern is about sex addicts.

“We don’t want people that are of questionable character,” said neighbor Lou Perez.

Perez has lived on Napa Woods Way for more than 17 years. He says it’s outrageous that Summit Church, that holds weekly sex addict meetings, may open its doors right on his street.

“That is a big concern as far as our neighborhood and our children,” said Perez.

Neighbors are so worried, they started a petition to keep the church out. It already has more than 100 signatures.

“We like it nice, quiet and safe,” said neighbor, Mike Sbertoli.

The proposed church would seat 400 people and be built on 4 acres of land. An entrance to the church would be right on Napa Woods Way. Neighbors say the traffic after worship services will be atrocious because there’s only one direct route to Pine Ridge Road.

“The safety of access to the hospital is certainly going to be impeded from this direction,” said Sbertoli.

They’re also worried about what a commercial property might do to their home values.

“We bought into a residential neighborhood, with x amount of traffic. It’s a very quiet street and this is going to change all that,” said neighbor, Jason Andis.

The county still has to approve new zoning for the church. WINK News contacted Summit Church for comment, but no one has returned our phone call.

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