Caught on camera: Huge bear browses two East Naples neighborhoods

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COLLIER COUNTY, Fla.- Numerous 911 calls went out as a huge black bear made his way from Osprey Landings to the Moonlake community in East Naples.

The bear was first spotted in the Landings walking through the woods only feet away from apartment doors. He was quiet and ran through the woods. He made his way into the Moonlake Community right next door.

“Oh, it was fantastic! It was a big black bear just walking through the neighborhood like he owns the place,” said Cindy Wells. “He is just snooping around, he isn’t frightened or aggressive. He is just browsing through.”

Wells watched as our WINK News camera followed the bear through the neighborhood.

“He is beautiful,” said Wells.

The bear disappeared back into the woods but then reappeared about 50 yards up out of nowhere.

“Oh my god, there he is!”

The commotion brought the Elliots out of their home.

“I can’t believe it came right behind our house,” said Barbara Elliott. “I can’t believe how big it is, it is the biggest bear I have ever seen.”

No one seemed to mind the bear, estimated around 350 pounds, but many say they will be more watchful.

Wells says she walks her dog before bed each night.

“I walk the dog out here all the time at night. I will have to be more careful.”

No one knows how the bear got into the community.

“I don’t know how he got through the fence,” said Elliot. But it was clear they were excited he passed by. “Maybe someone gave him the [gate] code? He has a clicker!”

Most people called 911 when they spotted the bear. The Collier County Sheriff’s Office reminds the public to call Florida Fish and Wildlife officials. FWC has a team who can trap or relocate wildlife. In this instance, FWC did not respond and did not have to relocate the animal.

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