Halloween house rises from the ashes


CAPE CORAL, Fla. –  On Southeast 4th Place in Cape Coral is a home known for going all out for Halloween.

“We actually get about 425 children… it’s packed. There’s no place for a car to drive down the street,” said Debbie Yasbeck.

The house has about $4,000 worth of decorations, including a haunted tunnel that fills up the entire driveway, and they’re still adding more. For Yasbeck and her husband Paul, it’s all about showing the kids a spooky good time.

“It’s safe, we know that if they’re here they’re not some place else, they’re not in harms way. They have fun, they enjoy it,” said Yasbeck.

It takes the Yasbeck’s several weeks to set up the decorations, something they look forward to every year. But three years ago, tragedy struck. In 2012, just two days before Halloween, fire destroyed the Yasbeck’s home.

“We were devastated. We were out of our home for over a year it was horrible. We lost probably $10,000 worth of decorations, so we’re just building back up now,” said Yasbeck.

The home was a total loss, but the Yasbecks persevered. They rebuilt the house and restocked their decorations.

“(It feels) fantastic. We’re back in or house, we’re all alive, which is the important thing. It was not easy. A lot of hard work on my husband, his brother, his son.”

Their hard work paid off, because come Saturday night, they’re ready to scare hundreds of trick-or-treaters… once again.

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